Wastewater Filtration System for Industrial Wastewater

In mid-May 2020, delivery of self-cleaning filter systems installed in parallel using Manifold for industrial waste water:
At a waste processing plant/landfill, we installed three fully automatic self-cleaning filter systems in parallel at the beginning of May.
This is for the purpose of upgrading contaminated terrain water to clean water.
This concerns all kinds of pollution such as particles of plastic, cellulose, organic material, iron, polystyrene foam, stones, debris and everything that no longer occurs at a waste processor.
The self-cleaning filters work fully automatically independently and have a fairly coarse passage in this case.
The filter system is made of stainless steel 316 to prevent corrosion.
All three self-cleaning filter machines are controlled from a central PLC/controller cabinet and can also be controlled and controlled remotely/from a control room.

In collaboration with the waste processor, we tested the previous months by means of test samples on a laboratory scale and also on a small scale in situ on the relevant terrain / waste water.
With a positive result, we have come to the conclusion to work with the Suction Pad filter system which can rinse / clean independently without interruption of the flux (outflow / yield).
During the filtration process, the filter screen will slowly close due to contamination and this is monitored by readable pressure gauges and an electrical signal that is sent to the controller.
The pressure is measured before and after the filter, so that a Delta P / pressure difference can be read.
If the controller measures a Delta P between 0.6 – 1.2 Bar (adjustable), the self-cleaning filter system will automatically start cleaning / rinsing.
During this cleaning cycle, Suction Pads / nozzles on the inside of the filter screen will rotate and the filter screen will be cleaned / cleaned of contamination.
During this filtration flushing cycle, the drain will automatically open by an electrically or pneumatically controlled valve, pushing the dirt out.
During this cycle, there is just as much yield / flux on the clean water side, approximately 20-25 percent will be trained for 10-20 seconds (adjustable).
After the rinse cycle, the filter system will resume its normal filtration cycle fully automatically.

After this test phase we received the order and JMF-Filters BV started the production of the triple filter system placed in a stainless steel frame,
so that the whole could already be put together.
JMF-Filters BV has also manufactured the Manifold connections in-house.
At the beginning of May, the time had come to install and connect the whole on site of the landfill / waste processor.
After two days of work on site, the whole was ready for start-up and after a few more test procedures, which went without any problems, the whole could be put into operation.
Another great project realized by JMF-Filters BV and a satisfied customer.

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