Production & Delivery Start-up Filter/Witches Hat Filter

At the end of June 2020 production and delivery of two pieces of start-up filter to place in situation at a factory that produces plastic bottles and related items.
Called this new lead via a filtration request on our website and visited to see and discuss the situation in practice.
The plastic articles are pressed into molds into an article to be used.
The articles consist of Polypropylene and by pouring small PP granules into the mold, the product to be made is created.
The semi-finished product, the PP granules, are stored in two large silos, from there they are transported to the casting molds.
During the supply by a truck of these grains, after emptying, some grains fall back down in the riser pipe.
These granules, in turn, pose a danger to the drying system/circulation system and our new customer wanted that to be safe.
A job for the filtration specialists of JMF-Filters B.V.

After consultation as to what type of filter product to use, the idea soon arose to work with a witches hat filter that could be placed in the riser.
A fairly simple and cheap, yet very effective filtration solution.
We have set the filter passage or also called perforation at 1.5 mm, this is sufficient for a good filtration of the approximately 2 mm PP granules.
The chosen material type is stainless steel 316 to prevent corrosion.
After production in-house, we placed the start-up filter in the riser pipe of both silos.
We dropped the witches hat filters between two milk couplings so that further adjustment of the pipework at the factory location was not necessary.
We designed the filter in such a way that the flange ring with a thickness of 2 mm fell exactly into the hollow of the milk couplings.
The filter itself, so the conically tapered part falls exactly in the pipework/hose.
We have also welded a rod in the heart of the flange that serves as a handle for quick and easy exchange.
After installing the filter system and some practical tests, the filter project was successfully completed.
Another nice filtration project realized by JMF-Filters BV and a satisfied customer.

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