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At the end of May 2020, we received a request via the website for the delivery of custom-made filter stockings for a biomass plant.
This company supplies heat in Westland by means of biomass and a wood-fired boiler.
Filter bags are hung over a steel basket to filter the flue gases. We are dealing with high temperatures here and so the material used is PTFE.

The day after, our field sales team drove by to the location to pick up an old bag filter and get acquainted.
Back at our office, we assessed, measured and tested the filter bag, after which we were able to issue a quotation the same day for delivery of 100 pieces of PTFE filter bags.
After the quotation, accompanied by a datasheet of the material type and custom-made drawings, the quotation quickly became an assignment.
The chosen material of PTFE can handle an operating temperature of up to 250 °C and the fabric thickness has also been taken into account for blowing clean with air at 6 bar.
The outside is also suitable for spraying with lime. The operation of the system and therefore the filter bag is 24/7 in the autumn and winter months.

Due to the Corona crisis, it was more difficult to obtain the PTFE materials and therefore suffered some delays in production and delivery time.
Ultimately, however, our field service filter specialist was able to deliver the produced filter stockings and accompanying support basket to location.
For now, this batch of filters is used in a separate section for testing. If the test passes and our filter material withstands the high temperatures and pressures well,
then there will be a bigger order sometime next year.

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