Hydraulic oil filtration on iron particles

At the beginning of July 2020, delivery of a bag filter housing with a micronage of 1 micron filter bags and three magnets at 7,000 Gauss.
A regular customer of ours had walked a bit lower in a press. The balls of the bearing were completely pulverized and entered the system with hydraulic oil.
The entire press was removed from the process and then part of the production was stopped, which costs a lot of money.
An urgent job for the filtration specialists of JMF-Filters B.V. Within an hour of reporting the problem, one of us was there.
This is to assess the situation and circumstance and to consult with the production manager, technical service and management.

Orally already discussed to apply a bag filter and to filter fine at 1 micron so that the solid particles remain in the filter bag.
But it should also work by using heavy magnets at 7,000 Gauss and using no fewer than three of them.
To use the magnets in particular to retain the even smaller and dissolved steel or iron particles.
After returning to our office, we immediately wrote a quotation with the discussed filtration solution and filter application.

After submitting the quotation, the production manager of the factory concerned called to say that what had to be put into operation immediately.
The day was late Wednesday afternoon and the filtration process or cleaning process should already be started on Friday morning.
Because the use of magnets does not happen often, this was not a stock item for us, but after some calls with our regular manufacturer in Germany we were told that it was in stock.
Immediately decided to pick up the magnets in central Germany because things could go wrong with a messenger and would not be delivered on time.
Drove away early in the evening, packed the night and early in the morning on Thursday I loaded the parts, so the magnets for the filter system were loaded and drove back after a cup of coffee.
Result: The factory with the broken bearing had the right filtration solution and filter products in house in plenty of time.
Friday morning they immediately used the basket filter housing with filter bag and magnets to pump the oil around for several days,
so that cleanliness could be delivered on Monday and the manufacturing process could be restarted. Everything went successfully.
With this fast action and fast delivery of the right filter products, a satisfied customer of JMF-Filters B.V.

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