Self-Cleaning Filter System Cheese Factory

Installation of a fully automatic self-cleaning filter system with a bag filter housing behind it in early 2019.
In the autumn of 2018, a request was received from an installer to protect their membranes against contamination from the process water supplied to a customer of the installer.
The ultra filters closed too quickly and caused problems that the rinse cycle would often set in and/or the membranes had to be replaced frequently.
After looking at the situation on location, we made an offer with the installation of a fully automatic machine and a bag filter as a filtration solution.
We quickly received the order and were allowed to deliver the system. The two units were installed in February 2019 and delivered by the installer at the cheese factory location.
The fully automatic machine removes solid particles from the water completely independently at 25 microns and by placing a filter bag at 5 microns as a second step, the problems were quickly resolved.
Sanitary filter housings with the highest degree of finish were used because this concerned the food industry, in which hygiene, rules and procedures are important.
No problem for JMF-Filters BV. Another satisfied customer.

JMF-Filters B.V. produces and supplies automatic self-cleaning filters in stainless steel 304 & amp; Stainless steel 316.
Our self-cleaning screen filter range consists of manual self-cleaning filters, semi-self-cleaning and fully automatic self-cleaning filter systems that can be placed inline in your process.
There are many advantages of self-cleaning filters. But the biggest advantage is that everything is automated and the filter cleans itself through an internal mechanism as soon as the filter becomes contaminated.
There is also a great advantage in terms of time, because operators do not always have to check the filter for delta P and thus contamination.

We have three versions for the fully automatic screen filters:
Suction Pad Scanner system
– Spray nozzles system
– Brush system

Depending on the application, capacity and throughput, we can offer you the right automatic backwash filter. It is also much more efficient to apply a self-cleaning filter, such as time savings and safety. Common sectors are food & beverage industry, chemical industry, offshore industry, paper industry, agricultural industry and water purification.
The application is usually process water, cooling water, waste water, industrial waste water, irrigation water and often used as pre-filtration.

JMF-Filters B.V. produces and supplies this type of stainless steel filter housing in various lengths and varying quantity of filter baskets.
Low and high pressure vessels are available quickly. The filter housings are available stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316ti.
Our Filter Systems are suitable for the treatment of wastewater, well water, river water, process water containing suspended solids.
These stainless steel filter systems are also used in the petrochemical and offshore industry (Oil & Gas Industry),
Intake water, Utility water, Pipeline flushing, Cooling water, Waste water, Injection water, Pre-filtration to RO, Ballast water.
Available as a multibasket filter housing or single basket filter housing. Filter bag lengths for Basket filter housings: size 1 and 2

For a filtration solution and a Custom Made offer without obligation, please contact one of our filtration specialists. We are glad to help you.
Our team of filter specialists is available 24/7.

We are specialized in liquid filtration for over 30 years. Unburden & Solution-oriented, that is what we stand for.
Buy your filters at JMF-Filters B.V., a good choice.

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