Delivery Sea water Filtersystem

At the beginning of July 2020 delivery of two multi cartridge filter housings made entirely of Polypropylene.
Following a request from a regular customer to filter seawater before using a reverse osmosis system,
made an offer for the delivery of PP Filter House with PP Filter candles.
Our filter system serves as a pre-filter and micro filter to rid the seawater of coarser sediment, such as sand, shells and what is no longer present in the sea.
This filter system serves as a protection or pre-filter for the RO system.
Because our customer had bad experiences with stainless steel on seawater and also coated carbon steel was not sufficient, we decided to work fully with plastic filter housings.

The chosen filter system can equally well handle a pressure of 10 Bar and is therefore not inferior to the stainless steel or carbon steel variant.
With regard to the filter cartridges, it has been decided to use 25 micron filter cartridges in the first filter housing and 3 micron filter cartridges in the second filter housing.
The two filter housings are placed in series so that optimal collection and filtration can take place.
For the connection of both filter housings, it was decided to work with DN50 flanges of PN10 class.
The lid or head plate is easy to open and close by means of swivels that are easy to handle by hand.
For O-Ring material it was decided to use EPDM, which is sufficient on seawater.

After submitting the quotation, accompanied by datasheets and manual, we immediately received the order.
After we have received the purchase order, our order confirmation with final drawing and/or Stepfile follows for approval.
After approval of the customer, preparations are made to be able to make a quick delivery.
The two multi cartridge filter housings and filter cartridges are delivered personally by one of our filter specialists to provide some explanation and explanation on site.
It took five days from request to extradition.

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