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Mid-July 2020 delivery of 16 coalescer filters to the oil & gas industry for separation method based on coalescing.
In mid-June received a request for the supply of special filter elements based on coalescing to be used by a regular customer in the Offshore industry.

A coalescer cartridge is an effective separation technique that performs coalescence.
The coalescers are mainly used to separate emulsions into their components by various processes.
It is working in reverse on an emulsifier. Coalescing involves filtration of submicron particles from 0.3 micron from a volume flow.
It ensures that submicron particles combine into concentrated droplets. With this filtration method, a separation will arise between the pollution and the volume flow.
Coalescers make use of the differences in physical and chemical properties in liquid and contamination.
In this case, it is about bringing oil mist together to filter out with this separation technique, also called filtration technique.
The filtration via the coalescing method is absolute filtration from 0.3 micron.

After approval of our custom made quotation, we received the order to deliver.
The coalescing cartridges concerned are quite large in this case. The filter cartridges are approximately 1 meter in height and approximately 21 centimeters in diameter.
In order to be able to supply this quantity of coalescers with these dimensions correctly, we have decided to pack everything in a wooden crate.
This is also more convenient to transport as soon as it has to be offshore.

Production was completed in mid-July and all coalescer elements were ready for shipment.
Due to a sudden urgency, we decided in consultation with the customer to export the coalescing by air freight.
Schiphol Express was the solution for bringing the filter cartridges to Schiphol quickly and safely.
Three days later the box with coalescers had arrived at the end customer and was ready for use.
Once again a satisfied customer where the right filtration solution has been provided and has been responded and delivered quickly.

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