Delivery of bag filters Pre-Filtration RO-Plant Offshore

Mid-July 2020 delivery of four bag filter housings for RO-Plant pre-filtration to a regular customer in the Offshore Industry.
In early July, we received a request from a regular customer of ours for extra protection on a drilling platform in the North Sea,
so applying an extra pre-filtration step for a reverse osmosis unit.
The situation was as follows: There was already a cartridge filter housing as pre-filtration, but it filled up too quickly with pollution, so an extra step had to be taken.

Bag filters are an ideal solution in this case and can be used as a filtration solution.
Because we are dealing with salt in the water, we have offered the basket filter houses in complete Polypropylene.
Four filter vessels in total that are connected in parallel to handle the large volume flow.
The filter bag houses are offered in length 2 so that each filter house can store a filter bag with half a square meter in surface.
The filter bags are made of full polypropylene and with a micronage of 10 microns.

After submitting the quotation, we received the order within a week and four days later we were already able to deliver the entire range of filters.
In fact, we have delivered the four bag filter houses and filter bags to the port of IJmuiden.
In this way our customer could switch quickly and have the filters brought to the drilling platform later in the day.
With regard to the later delivery of filter bags, which are a disposable item, we can deliver to our customer within 1 day because this is a stock item.
But for the time being they are satisfied with two boxes, so 100 pieces of bag filters, and they should be able to hold out for at least six months.
If not, a call or e-mail to us is enough to get in the car and quickly deliver what is requested to filters.
For now: a satisfied customer and we drove back to the store satisfied.

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