Delivery Bag Pleated High Flow Filterelements

In mid-January 2021, a request was received from a regular loyal customer for bag pleated high flow filters .
These filter elements are made of high quality Polypropylene and are easily placed in bag filter housings.
The filter element can therefore be supplied for bag filter housings of a size 1 & size 2.

Advantages of Bag Pleated High Flow Filter

A size 2 filter element equals replacement of 3 standard filter bags or 16 filter cartridges 10”.
It is therefore a lot faster, easier and takes less time in terms of change and the number of filter cartridges or filter bags.
One can now go out with smaller or fewer filter housings.
For the technical service to replace and is thus super efficient like many of our filter solutions.

Operation Bag Pleated High Flow Filterelement

The filterelements have a liquid flow from the inside to the outside and combine the performance advantages of filter cartridges and filterbags .
In short, they are therefore more sustainable & more efficient. Not only because of the higher flow rate, but also in longer life and less operating costs.

For a custom filtration solution you can always request a Custom Made quotation.
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