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Production and Delivery Custom Made Basket Filter
In mid-November 2022, a request was received from one of our customers whether we could remove coarse contamination from crude waste oil such as cloths, branches, larger parts of rust, etc.
One of our technical advisors visited the customer in the same week to see the situation in practice and to consult with the technical service.
Back at the office, our internal sales department has issued a quotation to the customer, in which we offer a tailor-made filter.
The customer wanted a large filtration surface and the filter system had to be exchangeable 1 to 1 in the piping. The following week we received the purchase order.
Our filter production facility produced the filter with urgency, because it was urgent. The filter system was already installed at the beginning of January 2023 and is working as expected.

Custom Made Basket Filter / Boulder catcher / Coarse Filter

The most obvious solution was to custom-produce a boulder catcher with a passage/perforation of 5 mm to catch coarse pollution such as cloths, gloves, etc.
It was also important that the filter system could be placed directly between the pipework, so that as little labor as possible was required in terms of assembly and adjustment of the current pipework and no time was lost in terms of production. Also included are two extra filter baskets so that the baskets can be exchanged quickly and easily when they are exchanged or dirty. This way, after restarting production, the polluted basket can be cleaned at a quiet moment. Customer satisfied, we satisfied.

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