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Coarse Filtration Oil Storage & Transfer

Production and Delivery Custom Made Basket FilterIn mid-November 2022, a request was received from one of our customers whether we could remove coarse contamination from crude waste oil such as cloths, branches, larger parts of rust, etc.One of our technical advisors visited the customer in the same week to see

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Marine Filters

We advises, produces and supplies various filtration systems to the oil & gas industry, fuel storage, tank terminals, fuel filling lines and all related industries for fossil fuels and energy. Our marine filters are suitable for treating wastewater, process water, oil and gas filtration, osmosis water and many other filtration

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Filtration Systems for Aquaculture

Seawater purification is an important point in aquaculture, maintaining water quality. To achieve the right water quality, filtration is one of the most important stages in the process. JMF-Filters BV has been supplying more and more filter systems for the fish farm filtration in Scandinavia in recent years. We have

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Filtration Latex Emulsion

At the end of 2020, an international regular customer of ours called to see if we could supply a robust stainless steel filter unit for filtering Latex. Visited the following week to see the situation in practice and discuss what the customer’s wishes are. They want a basket filter housing

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Delivery Bag Pleated High Flow Filterelements

In mid-January 2021, a request was received from a regular loyal customer for bag pleated high flow filters . These filter elements are made of high quality Polypropylene and are easily placed in bag filter housings. The filter element can therefore be supplied for bag filter housings of a size 1

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Techport Partner

Since November 2020, JMF-Filters B.V. official partner of Techport. Techport is committed to working within the network of schools, companies and governments for the future of the manufacturing and maintenance industry a healthy labor market, an up-to-date and challenging range of training courses and sufficient talent. We are proud to

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Production of Custom Made Filters for Tankenpark fuels

Filter specialist Lars received a call from a technical engineer at a tank terminal for the storage of oil and fuels in December last year. They were looking for a suction filter in an activated carbon silo of approximately 12 m3 in the tank park. The current suction filter was

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Production PTFE Custom Made Filter Bags Biomass

At the end of May 2020, we received a request via the website for the delivery of custom-made filter stockings for a biomass plant. This company supplies heat in Westland by means of biomass and a wood-fired boiler. Filter bags are hung over a steel basket to filter the flue

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Delivery Compressed Air Filter Oil & Gas Industry

In mid-July 2020 delivery of compressed air filters high performance Ultrafilter P-MF 30/50 to new customer in the Oil & Gas sector. Already at the beginning of May received a request from a new lead for the supply of special compressed air filters to filter water and oil from compressed

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Delivery Coalescer Filters Oil & Gas Industry

Mid-July 2020 delivery of 16 coalescer filters to the oil & gas industry for separation method based on coalescing. In mid-June received a request for the supply of special filter elements based on coalescing to be used by a regular customer in the Offshore industry. A coalescer cartridge is an

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