Hybride Combi Technology

JMF-Filters B.V. advises, produces and supplies fully automatic self-cleaning filter systems with hybrid technology for industry, offshore, greenhouse construction and the agricultural sector.
Technologically, a combination of brush and spray nozzle technology is used to clean the filter surface.
Unburdening & Solution-oriented, that is what we stand for.
The filter specialist.

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General info Hybrid Combi Technology

The self-cleaning filter system in the hybrid version is available in various versions, including the spray nozzle & brush filter system, also called hybrid filter system. This high performance filter system is specially designed for filtration of liquids with stubborn contamination or sediment that are difficult to remove. With this combined technique it is faster and more effective to clean.
Ask our filter specialists whether this system can be used in your process situation.
During the filtering process, the liquid to be filtered flows through the self-cleaning filter and filters from the inside to the outside.
The filter system can be placed inline and by-pass. This also depends on your process and wish.
Our filter specialist can advise you in consultation by telephone and possibly a visit on location.

The selectivity of the filter screens varies from 25 to 3.000 microns and are available in:
– Stainless steel 304
– Stainless steel 316
– Stainless Steel 316 Wedge Wire material
– Stainless steel with a Nylon filter cloth as a filter surface

Our filter specialists can help you advise which material to use in the present circumstance, pollution and process situation.
As soon as the filter surface or filter cloth becomes contaminated, the pressure difference increases and this is measured by two analog pressure gauges and digital transmitters. The analog pressure gauges are for the operator to read visually and the digital transmitters to activate the self-cleaning operation fully automatically. If the pressure difference, i.e. Delta P, rises due to contamination on the filter screen or filter cloth, the hybrid filter system will go into self-cleaning mode. This is done fully automatically.
The flushing function on differential pressure is adjustable, but our advice is usually between 0.6 and 1.2 Bar differential pressure.
Time control, so cleaning based on time, is also possible. This is completely dependent on your process situation, fluid type and contamination.
Our filter specialists can also advise you on this. During the flushing or cleaning cycle, the drain opens and starts rotation of the brushes and the water jet system. The rotating Nylon patented and hardened brushes scrape the inside of the filter surface or filter cloth and at the same time the water jets or spray nozzles do their job to clean the filter screen even better.
During this cycle the drain opens and the contamination is flushed out by the pump pressure. After 10-20 seconds (this is adjustable) the fully automatic filtration system will resume its normal filtration mode.


The fully automatic self-cleaning filter system with combi hybrid technology is available in three different versions:
– Y-Shape
– L-Shape
– O-Shape

The choice here depends on the position of your connections, process and wishes in terms of filtration solution.
All self-cleaning filters are “Plug & Play ”, so turnkey supplied with valves, gauges and electronic controller included.
The automatic self-cleaning hybrid filter systems are available in stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316, Duplex 2205 and Polyurethane coating (class ISO 12944 / Marine Environments C5-M). The self cleaning filter system can be supplied with connection size 2 ”to DN200 as standard. Larger and deviating sizes are no problem for our production department.
We offer you the right filter solution in every process situation.

Applications Hybrid Combi Technology

The fully automatic self-cleaning filter systems with combi hybrid technology are often applied to the following types of water:
– Wastewater
– Spring water
– Process water
– Drinking water
– Cooling water
– Terrain water
– Leachate water
– Greywater
– Surface water
– Sea water

Industries & Industries

Our fully automatic self-cleaning filter systems with combi hybrid technology can be used as a filtration solution in the following industries:
– Petrochemical industry
– Offshore industry
– Oil & Gas industry
– Intake water, Utility water, Waste water, Cooling water
– Injection water, Ballast water, Pipeline flushing
– Food industry
– Food & Beverage
– Agricultural sector
– Greenhouse construction
– Sewage treatment (WWTPs)
– Water purifications
– Waste processing industry
– Chemical industry
– Steel processing industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Automotive industry
– Many other industries

All filter materials used are FDA approved, provided with the necessary certificates and produced within Europe.
Our filter specialists are happy to advise you on the right choice when buying hybrid self-cleaning filters that best suit your application and process situation.

Production & Stock

In addition to our production of the self-cleaning filter, we have a large quantity in stock in our warehouse.
Ordered today is usually delivered to you tomorrow.
Our fully automatic machine hybride self-cleaning filter systems are tested per production batch and inspected for accuracy and quality.
Our production facility is also conditioned and meets the highest requirements in Europe.

In addition to our filter range of standard fully automatic self-cleaning filters, we can also manufacture Custom Made self-cleaning filters with different specifications at the customer’s request.
For the right filtration solution and a Custom Made quotation, call or email our filter specialist.
We are glad to help you.

Contact & Advice

For advice and a customized filtration solution, please contact us directly for a quotation.
Our team of filter specialists are 24/7 available.
We are specialized in liquid filtration for over 30 years.

Unburden & Solution-oriented, that is what we stand for.
Buy your fully automatic combi hybrid self-cleaning filters at JMF-Filters B.V., a good choice.

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Product: Hybride Combi Technology

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Fast and personal delivery
Tailored advice. We are here to help you.
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